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Modernization of the FM broadcasting network

By the order of the public broadcaster, in order to fully cover the territory of Georgia with the signal of “Georgian Radio”, LLC. “Georgian TV and Radio Center” is modernizing and expanding its FM radio broadcasting network.

The program includes the installation of 27 new radio transmitters and antenna systems, as well as the replacement of 10 existing radio transmitters with Vigintos Elektronika brand modern type transmitters. All radio stations will be equipped with RDS encoders and AP function, which allows the receiver equipped with the RDS system to automatically adjust to the frequency of the second zone when moving from one rebroadcasting frequency zone to another.
Omalo and Shatili radio broadcasting stations will be powered by the energy generated by solar panels.

At the end of the program, the number of radio broadcasting sites will reach 52 units, as a result of which Sh.P.S. The FM radio broadcasting network of “Georgia Teleradiocenter” and, accordingly, the signal of “Georgia Radio” will have the most complete coverage compared to other existing operators.

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